Sunday, October 9, 2011

Am I an addict? NO…mmm…Yes…wait…huh?

What is addiction?  And when would it be considered something that is bad for you?

Webster defines addiction as a “need for and use of a habit-forming substance.”  In this instance my addiction is DISNEYLAND!!!  Every summer one destination was selected for the “family vacation” and 9 times out of 10 that was Disneyland!  Needless to say that before I was 5, my dad was sick of going to Disneyland; so we were adventurous that summer and went to Disneyworld.  Ever since then most trip to Disneyland have been just my mom and I. 

I would say that my addiction seriously increased in 2009.  That year Disneyland had a campaign where if you went on your birthday you received free admission into the park.  Well, the year prior, my mom had already decided that she wanted to spend her BIG birthday at the park, so we did!  Six months later we were back for another birthday celebration.  My girls were turning 13 and it landed on a Saturday, so what better way to spend your birthday then going to Disneyland?  Well, 4 months later we were back again.  This time it was my BFFs birthday and it was occasion to celebrate.  I might admit to myself that at this point I had a problem…but I didn’t see it that way.  And do you think I would have gotten an annual pass by this point?  NO!  Three months later I was in the middle of a big work change and needed a much deserved vacation, so we went AGAIN!  Then I decided that I wanted to go to Disneyland during Halloween.  I’d never been and wanted to see all the pumpkins!  So one Friday I went down with some good friends and we came home Sunday and then I turned around on Monday and went back with my mom for a couple of days.  Crazy?  I don’t think so!  So if you are counting, there were 6 trips from 5/09-10/10 and no, I still didn’t buy an annual pass, because honestly I didn’t think I would be going that many times.  That’s the thing with addiction right?  The first step is to admit you have a problem, but I didn’t see this as a problem. 

I went back to the happiest place in June.  And you know what?  I bought my first annual pass!  WHOO HOO!!!  However, things have only gotten worse.  So I don’t know if I just helped feed my addiction more, or what?  But since June I have been to the park once every month.  The ongoing joke is…will I be home this weekend?  If I don’t answer my phone at work…am I in Disneyland?  Can’t find me…look at Disneyland.  One of the perks is that Disney tracks how many times you have been in the park using your annual pass.  Well, since June, my number is 13!  My pass was definitely a great investment and the perks you get at the park are AMAZING!!!  So I would say that it was well worth it.  So am I crazy?  Am I addicted?  I don’t think so.  Others might differ with my, but then that may be part of my problem.  

Lissa’s Lesson - So if an addiction brings you so much happiness, is it wrong?

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Things That Make You Go HMMMM

Those who know me knows that I don’t do change very well.  A while back one store that was close, convenient, and I went to very frequently under went a total remodel.  It got to be where every time I went into said store; I couldn’t find anything, which in turn would make me very frustrated.  Therefore, I have boycotted going to this store.  For the most part I have kept that promise, although I did sneak in through the garden area once for something and was out in 5 minutes.  Today it happened again.  I went into one of my favorite stores and discovered that they have COMPLETELY moved everything in the store around.  Stuff just wasn’t were it was suppose to be, which made my quick trip in to grab what I needed and head out, much longer then it should have.  Not only did this store move all their merchandise around, but the changed the isles, making them much smaller.  You could barely fit one cart down the isle.  And by moving the isles the created these ugly marks on the floor.  So I am only hoping that they just started this remodel and that they are no where near being finished, because there is lots of work that needs to be done.  But seriously, why did they need to change anything in the first place???      

Lissa’s Lesson – If it works, why change it?     

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Why Mess With A Good Thing?

So you may have seen a common theme with my last couple posts.  There were all about the same thing – Disneyland!  I guess you could say that I’m addicted to Disneyland…just a tad little bit!  I blame my mother for this.  Growing up, we would go on one big vacation during the summer months and for the most part that place was Disneyland.  I was almost years old the first time I went to Walt Disney World.  My dad had already gotten tired of going to Disneyland (which just goes to show you how often we must have gone those first 5 years).  After that trip to Walt Disney World, it was just my mom and I who continued to travel to Disneyland summer after summer.  Mom tried to make the rule that we would only go to Disneyland every other summer, so there were other places were incorporated; like Arizona, Washington, and Monterey (although that’s a whole other blog).   But somewhere along the way Disneyland trips became the ones that we took every summer.  Disneyland truly is my home away from home.  I know all the short cuts in the park.  What the best strategies are when planning out your day.  And of course, most importantly, where all the bathrooms are. 

What’s your home away from home place? 

Lissa’s Lesson…when looking at a person, you should also look at their family

Monday, June 13, 2011

Music Makes Me Lose Control

Music.  It can define who you are.  I like all kinds of music.  Growing up it depending on whose car I was in as to what kind of music I listened to.  With my mom it was oldies, my dad it was country and with my sister is was pop/rock.  Being the youngest I was never in charge of the radio in the car, I was at their mercy.  So I learned to enjoy it all.  As I got older and had my own car, I was finally able to control the dial.  My tastes have changed over the years.  But the one thing that hasn’t is I like my music LOUD. 

One of my friends knows when I have arrived at their house because their house vibrates from my music.  What’s the point of listening to it if it isn’t loud?  I also get in the rut where I find a song I like I listen to it over and over and over again.  I remember when I loved Lose Yourself by Eminem.  I thought my mom was going to kill me if I played that song one more time. 

The last CD I purchased was the Broadway version of Mary Poppins.  Yes, I have the original Disney version with Julie Andrews; however the Broadway version has a song on it that I feel in love with a few years ago and have been on a mission to find it – SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS.  It’s a new version of the song when they spell out the word - all 18 consonants and 16 vowels.  LOVE IT!  So of course, this song is currently on the repeat in my CD player!

Music is the last thing that I listen to at night and it’s the first thing I wake up to in the morning.

What are you currently listening?

Lissa’s lesson…you can learn a lot about a person by their taste in music.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Happiness Is...

Once entering the main turnstiles at Disneyland, there are certain traditions and rituals that are expected to be meet.  I have learned from past visits that if these rituals don’t happen, then my trip doesn’t seem real.  You need to pass under the bridge and enter
Main Street
the first time you visit.  I learned this after staying on site once.  When took the Monorail straight into Tomorrow Land and when we walked into the park…I just didn’t seem right.  Weird, right?  Jungle Cruise seems to be the first ride that I have to ride.  Once I am sitting on that boat, listening to the corny jokes that the skippers tell, everything seems right in the world.  Then there is the food at the park.  Every time I visit I have to get a corndog on
Main Street
from the Little Red Wagon - those things are HUGE.  A Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Sandwich is a must, although you do need to wait about 8 minutes before you can eat it because they are rock hard.  Count Down Chicken Fusilli from Redd Rockett’s Pizza Port – OMG this pasta is super duper delicious!  And I have recently found the frozen Cherry Lemonade.  It’s the little things that make a trip memorable. 

Every time I visit, the on going joke is who wants to guess how many pictures I will take.  I have recently upgraded my SD card for my camera and it can hold LOTS!   I have 7 photo albums dating back from my very first visit.  I was asked what could I possibly have NOT taken a picture of….REALLY???  There are always new parades that take place.  Rides are refurbished and update.  New rides are added.  Hidden Mickey’s are discovered.  And you might run into celebrities!

I guess you could say Disneyland is one of my guilty pleasures.  Everyone needs one right?  What’s yours?

Lissa's Lesson...don't mess with a person's happy place!

A Favorite? You Mean I Have to Pick ONE???

I was recently asked what my favorite ride was at Disneyland.  Well, the question wasn’t quite formed that way but that was the intent of the question.  I stopped to think of all the rides that are located within the Magic Kingdom, trying to figure out what my answer would be to that question and I couldn’t answer it.  Are you talking just Disneyland or Disney California Adventure as well?  And how can you possible compare the two?   I LOVE all the rides at Disneyland for one reason or another.  You have your fast thrill rides such as Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Matterhorn Bobsleds, and Big Thunder Mountain.   There are the traditional kiddie rides: Snow White’s Scary Adventure, Peter Pan’s Flight, Alice in Wonderland, Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, Pinocchio’s Daring Journey.  Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters which is fun because it’s interactive and you can compete with the people you are with.  Or the relaxing Disneyland Railroad and Disneyland Monorail.  So my question to you is What is your favorite Disneylnad ride and why?

Lissa’s Lesson…you can learn a lot about a person from what their favorite ride is.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Oh, The Places You Can Go!!!

When you start to plan a vacation for yourself what are the places you think of?  Some where relaxing like the beach.  Some where adventurous like the mountains.  Somewhere romantic like Hawaii?  Some where exotic like Bora Bora?  For me there is only one place I  truly love to go…drum roll please…DISNEYLAND!!! 
How could you possible pick another place?  The only question I have is where to stay.  Some who have gone with my say that something strange happens to me when I am in Disneyland.  I have this unnatural burst of energy that overcomes me and its GO GO GO!!!  For me Disneyland is fun, relaxing, thrilling, exciting, adventurous and always new.   While at Disneyland its like you are in a whole other world.  Everyday problems seem to disappear.  There is a peacefulness that surrounds Disneyland just daring someone or something bad to enter.
One day I would really love to travel to all the Disney theme parks and see how they compare to one another.
So what is your favorite vacation spot?
Lissa’s Lesson…don’t judge a person by their vacation spot location.