Sunday, June 19, 2011

Why Mess With A Good Thing?

So you may have seen a common theme with my last couple posts.  There were all about the same thing – Disneyland!  I guess you could say that I’m addicted to Disneyland…just a tad little bit!  I blame my mother for this.  Growing up, we would go on one big vacation during the summer months and for the most part that place was Disneyland.  I was almost years old the first time I went to Walt Disney World.  My dad had already gotten tired of going to Disneyland (which just goes to show you how often we must have gone those first 5 years).  After that trip to Walt Disney World, it was just my mom and I who continued to travel to Disneyland summer after summer.  Mom tried to make the rule that we would only go to Disneyland every other summer, so there were other places were incorporated; like Arizona, Washington, and Monterey (although that’s a whole other blog).   But somewhere along the way Disneyland trips became the ones that we took every summer.  Disneyland truly is my home away from home.  I know all the short cuts in the park.  What the best strategies are when planning out your day.  And of course, most importantly, where all the bathrooms are. 

What’s your home away from home place? 

Lissa’s Lesson…when looking at a person, you should also look at their family

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