Saturday, June 11, 2011

Happiness Is...

Once entering the main turnstiles at Disneyland, there are certain traditions and rituals that are expected to be meet.  I have learned from past visits that if these rituals don’t happen, then my trip doesn’t seem real.  You need to pass under the bridge and enter
Main Street
the first time you visit.  I learned this after staying on site once.  When took the Monorail straight into Tomorrow Land and when we walked into the park…I just didn’t seem right.  Weird, right?  Jungle Cruise seems to be the first ride that I have to ride.  Once I am sitting on that boat, listening to the corny jokes that the skippers tell, everything seems right in the world.  Then there is the food at the park.  Every time I visit I have to get a corndog on
Main Street
from the Little Red Wagon - those things are HUGE.  A Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Sandwich is a must, although you do need to wait about 8 minutes before you can eat it because they are rock hard.  Count Down Chicken Fusilli from Redd Rockett’s Pizza Port – OMG this pasta is super duper delicious!  And I have recently found the frozen Cherry Lemonade.  It’s the little things that make a trip memorable. 

Every time I visit, the on going joke is who wants to guess how many pictures I will take.  I have recently upgraded my SD card for my camera and it can hold LOTS!   I have 7 photo albums dating back from my very first visit.  I was asked what could I possibly have NOT taken a picture of….REALLY???  There are always new parades that take place.  Rides are refurbished and update.  New rides are added.  Hidden Mickey’s are discovered.  And you might run into celebrities!

I guess you could say Disneyland is one of my guilty pleasures.  Everyone needs one right?  What’s yours?

Lissa's Lesson...don't mess with a person's happy place!

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