Friday, June 10, 2011

Oh, The Places You Can Go!!!

When you start to plan a vacation for yourself what are the places you think of?  Some where relaxing like the beach.  Some where adventurous like the mountains.  Somewhere romantic like Hawaii?  Some where exotic like Bora Bora?  For me there is only one place I  truly love to go…drum roll please…DISNEYLAND!!! 
How could you possible pick another place?  The only question I have is where to stay.  Some who have gone with my say that something strange happens to me when I am in Disneyland.  I have this unnatural burst of energy that overcomes me and its GO GO GO!!!  For me Disneyland is fun, relaxing, thrilling, exciting, adventurous and always new.   While at Disneyland its like you are in a whole other world.  Everyday problems seem to disappear.  There is a peacefulness that surrounds Disneyland just daring someone or something bad to enter.
One day I would really love to travel to all the Disney theme parks and see how they compare to one another.
So what is your favorite vacation spot?
Lissa’s Lesson…don’t judge a person by their vacation spot location.


  1. I'm totally a beach bum, but I would like to go to Disneyland once with you just to see this...

  2. The beach, mountains, basically anywhere. Disneyland is always fun tho! You have to drive with her tho and when she starts seeing the billboards she starts bouncing! Then the three year old starts bouncing with her! Crazy energy!

  3. @Jessica - we should plan a time to go. I think it would be fun. Although I have already listed my disclaimer about what happens to my once I enter the front gates, so be warned.

  4. @Juju - you know me too well. I guess to believe it's something that you have to see in action.